Jesse’s Gift Foundation 8th Annual Fundraiser 2021

Hi. Wow it has been a long time since we had a fundraiser and we are so excited to be back at it. We will be holding our 8th Annual (minus 2020 due to the pandemic) fundraiser for Jesse’s Gift Foundation April 16th, 2021. We will be hosting an online auction via our Jesse’s Gift Foundation Facebook Page. We will be opening up the auction for viewing April 9, 2021 through till April 16, 2021. On April 16th we will open up for bidding via a live stream. There will be a window to bid and we will announce the winners that day. All auction items can be shipped at the purchasers cost. We will have pick up and drop off locally for people who choose this option. We are excited to be live and chat with everyone during the auction. This will be our only way to connect with Covid-19.

We will also have a 50/50 draw that will open up March 16th and run till April 16, 2021. This will be done through an online program and winner will take half the pot. We will announce the winner live day of the auction.

We are currently looking for auction donations. If you have a company or know someone with a company who would like to donate items to the auction please contact us at

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